Blah blah, another stupid Pokémon site. Or is it!?! No! Absolutely not. Well, probably.

Remember how many Pokémon sites there was back in the Geocities and Anglefire days? PokéLOL has one advantage that those sites did not. Everyday there’s hundreds of funny Pokémon things posted and shared over the internet. It’s our duty to find the best (and worst?) of these and serve them up, to you, because you like that kind of thing. Don’t you? Also, this site doesn’t look like it’s from 1998, so it has that going for it too.

Pokémemes are funny, in small doses, so we will refrain from posting garbage filler, unless it truly is funny/relevant, or just not post it in replace of something atleast interesting. Interesting could mean… not funny, but at least cool. WAIT ONE MINUTE! This site is PokéLOL, not Poké… NOTLOL. Yes, we realize that, but to truly know LOL, you have to know, NOTLOL. Wow, that makes like 0% sense. I am going to sleep now, cya.

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  1. Chim says:

    this is awesome 🙂

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