It’s Not Very Effective

February 14th, 2012

“Thanks for all the wonderful times together.”
Definitely friend-zoned!

It's Not Very Effective

Bit o’ backstory.

Been with this girl for over 6 months, Recently shes had some pretty serious family stuff and had been taking it out on me, I was okay with this, I wanted to be there for her.

She deceides about 2 weeks ago that she needs space, shes not being fair to me and she can’t keep hurting me anymore.

This was just meant to be a little gesture, to show I still care about her, I still love her and I’m hoping everything can work out. Got quite a dismissive response when I sent this, said it was sweet and thanks. I was hoping to maybe open up a little communication.

Should have held down and B XP

Definitely an Anti-PokéLOL going on here.


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