Lost Pokémon Concepts (with Translation)

March 25th, 2012

Lost Pokémon Concepts (with Translation)


Game Freak Creation Site

Taken from Dec 1997 Edition.

Photo 1, From left, Kokarna, Kasanagi, unnamed

Photo 2, From left, Nyoromon, Nyoroppi, Nyouska

Photo 3, Sudden/Unexpected Variation- Hakuryu

Could these be new Pokemon making their appearance in “Pokemon 2”?!

Photos 1, 2 and 3 were early designs for “Bidoru” (Weedle), “Nyoromon” (Poliwag) and “Hakuryu” (Dragonair). Some of them did actually appear in the game in these forms.

But why were their designs changed?

“With “Weedle”, it was turned in to the current “Beedrill” to make its final evolved form cooler. Poliwag’s final form “Poliwrath” was the same; Photo 2’s Nyouska just doesn’t look very strong. This is because if something doesn’t look strong after you go to all the effort of evolving it, you won’t be happy with it.”

(Discussion with designer Atsuko Nishida)

Like Nyouska, “Dragonair” in Photo 3 didn’t change much, but the design which was selected was much cooler because it was clearer and more stylish. I love obsessing over all the minute details of each individual Pokemon. This is how all the loveable and cool Pokemon were created by me!

Only a rough translation, but should suffice. All the way through he does the common Japanese thing of eliciting agreement with ‘desuyone.’ at the end of sentences, so most of this could be read as “Don’t you think that..” or something similar, but translating it that way sounds really clumsy.

Translated by Kamuel


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