Pokémon Onesies

May 12th, 2012

Dangerously close to furry costumes, dangerously AWESOME!

Pokémon Onesies

*UPDATE* Pokémon representatives contacted the creators of this and the listing had to be taken down due to legal/copyright implications. AllForOnesies; however, is still available for “custom” or “private” orders.


  1. Mia Harris says:

    Request for a Charmander onesie.


    Mia Harris.

  2. Heyyyyy I’m afraid Pokemon contacted me (every kids dream I know!!!!) so I had to take the listing down, however I can certainly still make them if you just message me privately I’ll set you up a fake custom listing haha! I can’t believe how far its spread…. cheack out the website:
    and drop us a meassage!

  3. SweeneyT says:

    Do they still make these? Need to get me a charmander onesie 😛

  4. Emma says:

    how much are these?? need to get a squirtle one XD

  5. Jill Topping says:

    Good Evening
    Is it possible for you to make me a charmander onesie for a teenage boy.
    Thankyou for your help

  6. Jago says:

    How much are you selling these for?

  7. Owen Callan says:

    Request for zoruark onesie. Plz email me were I can get one. ojcc02@hotmail.com

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