October 22nd, 2011

From Urban Dictionary:

1. Snorlaxing

when you consume food in massive proportions then sleep for a long period of time; extreme food coma; comes from the Pokemon: Snorlax, who is known for sleeping and eating plentifusly.

She ate a lot at KFC. It was like a chickenfest by herself. I’m surprised she’s not snorlaxing, meow.

2. Snorlaxing

The act of while having sex with one, he or she falls asleep, and the other continues to have sex.

While Matt was boning Ashley, she fell asleep. Matt continued to have sex with her after she had fallen asleep. He was straight snorlaxing.

3. Snorlaxing

the act of lying down in random, crowded places, and pretending to fall asleep. Similar to “planking” but is used primarily for the awkward factor.

Bro 1:Hey bro, wanna go snorlaxing?! Bro 2:Bro…yeah.


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